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Buy bulk MRE for stockpiling of foods

An MRE is an emergency. It is brought by the US Governments to provide food for the defence service members. If a situation of war or combat arises then the MREs will be provided. MRE stands for Meal, Ready to eat. MRE is now the primary ration of US. The packaging is lightweight, a single packet of MRE meant for an individual and it is self-contained.

The civilian MRE is used as the ration and common people of US are off limits to the MRE. However, they can buy civilian Eversafe MREs over military MRE.


An MRE has high nutritional value and provides 1200 calorie. 3 MRE is worth a full day for a single military. An MRE contains main course entree, side dishes, bread, spread, cookies, desert, beverages, candy, flameless heater, tissue paper. The menu changes every year but the food elements remain the same. (more…)